Rapid Release Powered Belt Flat Curve

Our game changing new patented Rapid Release Powered Belt Curve Conveyor ensures full accessibility for ease of maintenance and part exchange to ensure minimum disruption to valuable operation time.

Subsequent to our initial R&D, extensive testing, and successful patent application, we have been confidently supplying the Kairos Curve across 4 continents to major global integrators and international brand end users since the beginning of 2017.

Our unique design, featuring vertical pillars as an integral part of the frame and the patented rapid release guidance system genuinely ensure a very short down time during belt, pulley and bearing replacement.


Benefits of the

  • Speeds of up to 120 m/min with loads to 60Kg/m per metre. (For typical airport and parcel operations).
  • Low noise levels below 68dba.
  • Any angle or belt width possible without additional cost for engineering “non-standard” sizes.
  • Patented belt guidance retaining system to ensure “rapid release” of PU beading from angled trap bearings enabling quick removal of the vulcanised endless belt.
  • Entire working of the curve visible during operation. Belt, beading, pulleys and bearings can be visually inspected whilst running.
  • Time consuming removal of the deckplate not necessary during belt replacement due to the deckplate being canter-levered from outside radius to centre of deckplate.
  • Flexible pulley diameter (100mm ~ 200mm) to suit various speed and load requirements.
  • Pillars are spaced to allow access from the outer radius to the inner working of the curve.
  • Individual bearing replacement can be conducted with minimum downtime, as each bearing holder seat can be easily removed and replaced without the use of tools.
  • If a replacement exercise of entire set of bearings is scheduled, alternate holder pillar “cassettes” can be removed and worked upon remotely, whilst the unit is operated.
  • All housings and pillars simply removed by releasing maximum of 3 bolts.
  • Latched underguards as standard for easy removal.
  • Photocell and reflector can be located extremely close to belt surface ensuring low profile product can be identified.