Curve Spares

Kairos are able to offer various types of curve spares. From tapered pulleys and belts to housings and bearings.

We can support maintenance teams looking to drastically reduce costs, when contracted to support curves installed on any system which are out of warranty.

Utilising the infrastructure in which we fabricate our own curves, we in a position to also offer a service to our customers to provide reasonably priced spare curve belts and pulleys.

Spare belts and pulleys, considered the most critical components of a curve conveyor, have been repeatedly supplied to the market since 2015, which has helped to assure our valued customers of our material selection and manufacturing processes prior to the release of our curve to the global market.

Material selection is of paramount importance, and our collective previous experience dictates that we only use proven material from global brand belting suppliers.

We have also sourced the highest quality European P.U. beading available to ensure durability and reliability in the extreme global environment.

Our tapered pulleys are constructed from lightweight material, and high friction PVC lagging to ensure durability and easy replacement.